Tennessee-based Eco Flaps said that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has “pre-approved” its new trailer splash guards for ORMs to meet Phase 2 GHG [greenhouse gas] regulations through model year 2020.

The company added that those splash guards can deliver up to a 1.25% reduction in fuel usage.

“This is a huge step forward for Eco Flaps and the trucking industry,” said Russell Stubbs, CEO of Eco Flaps, in a statement. “That 1.25% reduction in fuel usage applies to long and short dry and refrigerated vans, tanks, flatbeds and container chassis.”

He added that with this new pre-approval, manufacturers can account for both fuel and emissions reduction on models with Eco Flaps without performing additional testing.

In turn, this helps highway trailer OEMs comply with regulations and possibly qualify at a higher aerodynamic BIN level with Phase 2 GHG rules, Stubbs pointed out – noting that the guards are also California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliant and SmartWay verified.